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  • What are the common challenges faced during this process?
    The whole team may not come to the same conclusion when finalizing the design. Since this process is a constant loop, the lack of firm deadlines also causes trouble and frustrates the clients. A business can make the most out of this approach through the proper guidance of strong team leaders and flexible client and vendor relationships.
  • What is an ideation lab, and how does this iterative process help your product and you?
    Creating a prototype and tweaking its design until the optimum solution is reached is the primary role of the iteration process. This product evolution method helps you get closer to your final goal with every step.
  • Traditional development programmes v/s Iterative development
    While traditional development revolves only around one parent idea and very minimal product evolution takes place during the design procedure, iterative development focuses on constantly redefining the concept and vision of the final product until it reaches its highest selling point. Through phases such as the conceptual, engineering, pilot & manufacturing phases, testing, design, and development are of foremost importance. Ultimately, a unique product with a design never seen before is launched into the market.


 We connect exceptional start-
ups in Web3, Fintech and SAAS
sectors with our trusted network of investors and mentors.






Because of our passion for unique product ideas, we are committed to helping you become investor-ready, get funding, and roll out a profitable MVP.
Please send your pitch deck and contact details and we’ll get back to you soon.
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